"I feel very assured that I will get good advice and treatment from the Rose Clinic.  
Liz always shares her passion with her work and she's always eager to educate her patients about the best out there with regards health, nutrition and well being. 
I believe that for people who prioritise their health, the Rose Clinic is a perfect place to seek chiropractic, and thermography treatments. 
Liz gives a part of herself in each consultation.  She makes me feel more in-charge of my health (and of my family's) and that I have so many more options than what the NHS can offer."

"I have been attending The Rose clinic for a couple of years or so, firstly for a back condition and then subsequently for pain in the neck and shoulder, torso, rib cage and buttock. Despite a few initial treatments with Liz, visits to the GP and a physiotherapist nothing seemed to improve the situation. In order to ascertain what actually was the problem Liz recently suggested a full body scan which was undertaken remarkably easily- Liz's initial view was that I may well be suffering from a condition known as PMR (polymyalgia rheumatica). This was subsequently confirmed by the thermographers in the USA who analyse the results. The report enabled me to return to the GP with something more tangible than just a suggestion. After yet more blood tests etc. he has now come round to the same view and I have been put onto a course of steroids - relief at last!!

I have to say that it was largely thanks to Liz's personal observations that the initial diagnosis was determined. Suffice to say I am now convinced that these supplementary or 'alternative' treatments can/should be used to complement or even substitute visits to the GP/hospital - thereby in certain cases even eliminating the need for such visits.

Quite aside from the above - having had the full body scan, it was reassuring to be told that, PMR aside, no other issues were crying out for attention!!

Well done Liz

Very many Thanks"

Ian, Hampshire

(July, 2013)


n.b. - From Liz- DITI did not diagnose PMR. My clinical experience as a primary healthcare provider teamed wth the results of the DITI scan , which are written by MD's who are trained thermologists- brought us to that conclusion.

"Being 45 and told by the professionals that I require a yearly mammogram because of a family history of breast cancer, and upon the discovery (myself) of a benign lump in my breast, was not exactly the news I welcomed with open arms. Having done my own research on the safety of Mammograms and weighing up the risks verses benefits, I decided there had to be another way. I was relieved to find this website and Thermography, not to mention the very well informed Liz Bayliss. Both my partner and I came away elated and empowered from my thermal image appointment. I will be HIGHLY recommending Thermography to my loved ones, friends and anyone who will listen."

Debbie, Hampshire

(March, 2013)


n.b From Liz- Debbie did not want a mammogram, based on her own research and decision making. She chose to have a thermogram. We did not dissuade her from mammography. In instances where a member of the public has already made their own choice not to have a mammogram, thermography is far better than doing nothing at all.

"Having supported my Mum through surgery and treatment for breast cancer in the past, I was really interested in finding out more regarding the whole imaging process. After reading the information and talking it through with the Thermographer, I felt confident about having the scans. The scans are quick and painless and the reports available amazingly quickly, which reduces the period of anxiety. I Highly recommend Diti-UK"

Lucy, Hampshire

(July, 2012)

"I have now had my two baseline scans, and have found the whole proceedure to be quick, simple and painless. Diti-UK are very professional and make you feel very comfortable and at ease, with everything fully explained. The report that is supplied after the results have been examined, is reassuring and informative."

Jacky, Hampshire

(June, 2012)

"I was very happy with my thermal imaging breast scan.  It was a much more pleasant and comfortable experience than having a mammogram.  I felt it was a more thorough test than the NHS offers and have more confidence in the results. It was good to be able to see the images on the screen straight away and to compare them with the baseline images.  I was very impressed that the results came back so quickly so there was no long period of uncertainty.  I would definitely recommend it to my friends and family – in fact I have already!"

Sheila, Hampshire

( June 2012 )

"I am very pleased to say that by having undertaken a Full Body Thermal Imaging Scan the experience allowed me to come away with the comforting factor that I had checked the boxes on any potential health issues I might have had. 

I also received a simple, visual, fully documented report that I was able to share with my GP, enabling me to discuss some highlighted issues I would not otherwise have known about pro-actively to ensure all was well. It was a very small price to pay to get that sort of 'peace of mind', money well spent thank you."

Nick, Hampshire

(June, 2012)


n.b- From Liz- for the reader who still may not understand where DITI falls within a health care process, yes DITI can provide valuable information that may show up early physiological changes. It is an adjunct to other imaging modalities and not a replacement, in an ideal world, please make the most of everything on offer to you. Nick still continues to have NHS checks  for his health and the two together are more valuable than one or none.

"Following the discovery of a lump in my breast a couple of years ago and subsequent painful mammograms and biopsies, when I heard about thermal imaging, I was very interested in its uses.   It is a completely pain free, non intrusive experience and results are almost immediate.  I feel very reassured that there is nothing sinister going on in my breasts and with annual checks can be happy with peace of mind.  I’d highly recommend thermal imaging to anyone who is interested in the health and wellbeing of their body!"

Tiffany, Hampshire

( June 2012 )

"I am delighted to have discovered this method of early detection which is both safe (no radiation) and comfortable (no body contact). A most welcome relief after 8 years of annual mammograms! I could not recommend the experience more highly."

Mariana, Hampshire

( June 2012 )

"I’ve never been keen on having mammograms as they are painful so, when Liz explained DITI in detail, I was very keen to book an appointment. It’s totally painless, there’s nothing painful or unpleasant about the session I had and it’s so much more personal and human than mammograms! I know it doesn’t totally replace mammograms but unless there appears to be a problem I can’t see the need to put myself through the pain and discomfort of a mammogram again. I understand that if DITI does flag up any potential uncertainty then a mammogram might be necessary later on to confirm the DITI findings. But as far as I can see, if the DITI doesn’t flag up a possible concern, mammography is in the past for me!
I felt like a human being and Liz discussed the appointment with me step by step. I was made to feel very comfortable, invited to ask any questions and understood what the camera was 'seeing' as I was able to see it too on the computer. Mammography appointments have always been uncomfortable and painful. I’ve always felt like I’m being herded through the system as a faceless name.

I can’t recommend DITI more highly or Liz’s expertise and knowledge on the subject. I am so pleased to find such a service available to me so close to home."

Di, Hampshire

(June 2012)


n.b.- From Liz- again- Di had decided she did not want a mammogram.  The one thing that you must understand- DITI can see normal and abnormal physiological activity. It has its limits, and cannot see 'inactive' DCIS which a mammogram can. There should not be a DITI v.  Mammography attitude- they compliment each other. It is the choice of the individual what they do wit their bodies.


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