Thermal Imaging

Breast Baseline Scans (includes 2 sets of studies, 3 months apart) £195

Breast Annual Follow Up Scan £120

Region of Interest £120

Half Body Scan (Upper or Lower) £295

Full Body Scan £450



GROUP BOOKINGS for Breast thermography

Many women tell their friends about breast thermography and understandably would like their friends to be breast aware. In some instances work colleagues choose to book as a group to save money by car sharing and split travel expenses if not living in the immediate locality.

If you are organising a group booking please let us know. ALternatively I can offer a mobile service if required. Please ask for detials.

Cancellation Policy

Cancellations should preferably be put in writing (email, text or letter), or made by phone 01256 892336. 

Methods of Payment

Card Cash Cehque or BACS ( no Amex sorry)

Refer a friend and save money off your own scans

Any patient can refer a friend for a thermal scan. Each referral saves the referrer £10 off their annual bresat scans or other future scans. For example if you refer 12 women for breast thermography, then you have saved yourself £120 off your annual scan, effectively making it free!

n.b  We do not offer cash as an alternative!


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If these times are not suitable please call and in special circumstances we will open out of hours. 

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